St. Luke’s church in Kotor – Symbol of harmony

St. Luke’s church in Kotor – Symbol of harmony

01 Jan 2015

written by Miro & Sons
One of the monuments that visitors like the most, during Kotor Guided Tours, is St. Luke’s church. It was built in 1195 and it is one of the best preserved Romanesque buildings in the old town. It is real miracle how it survived all the earthquakes, especially the one in 17th century, when big part of Kotor was destroyed.
Saint Luke church in Kotor at sunrise, Montenegro
Saint Luka's Church in Kotor Old Town
Also, what makes it special is the fact that for two hundred years it was shared between Orthodox and Catholics. This is why St. Luca’s church is symbol of good relations and harmony that still exists in Kotor and entire Montenegro. If you would like to explore more iconic landmarks of Kotor, we recommend you take a look at our best Kotor Guided Tours, Boat Tours, and Montenegro Day Trips.

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