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Explore the St. Tryphon Cathedral & Maritime Museum!

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About Kotor Walking Tour

Experience the beauty of Kotor on a 90-minute guided tour that takes you through more than 2,500 years of fascinating history. Discover the breathtaking architecture surrounding the squares of this UNESCO-listed fortified city. A local tour guide will uncover the most exciting secrets of Kotor you probably didn’t know.

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Tour Itinerary

00:00 – 00:30

Introduction about Kotor’s rich history, its fascinating walls and start of the cobblestone streets stroll with stopping on the most important squares

00:30 – 01:00

Visit of Kotor’s most special monument – St. Tryphon Cathedral

01:00 – 01:30

Visit of Maritime Museum, situated in one of the famous palaces of Kotor

* 00:00 – is symbolic time of the tour beginning, and it just shows tour duration. The tour can start at the time we agree about.


Prices & Included in Tour

Number of peoplePrice
1 Person€70
2 Persons€85
3 Persons€95
4 Persons€110
5 Persons€120
6 Persons€130
7 Persons€140
8 Persons€150
9 Persons€160
10 Persons€170
  • Professional guide for the entire tour
  • Entrance fees for St. Tryphon Cathedral and Maritime Museum
  • All Taxes
  • Insurance
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  • All our tours are private
  • All tours are paid in cash (in €) to tour guide at the end of the tour

This private group tour of Kotor Old Town starts at the Main Gate, and after a short introduction about the history of this UNESCO enlisted town, we proceed towards the main square called the Square of Arms. The charm of Kotor’s museum squares and old family homes of local aristocracy is like a travel through time to the golden age of Kotor.

After getting familiar with the life of the locals and strolling through the narrow streets, we will reach the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, one of the best-preserved monuments from the 12th century that we are going to visit. Kotor is also known for the long seafaring tradition, so after the Cathedral, we will visit the Maritime Museum and enjoy the rich and well-preserved collection of weapons, models of vessels, jewelry, and more.

kotor walking tour

The guided walking tour will continue towards the flour square, where we will learn about the orthodox churches of St. Luke and St. Nicolas, and this will be the final touch that will make the story about Kotor complete.

After this Kotor Walking Tour, you will be able to say that you know how this coastal town breathes, what its most important parts are and how the locals spend their time living here.

Town of Kotor

Experience the beauty of Kotor to the fullest by going on a guided walking tour!

Professional tour guide

Discover the history behind the centuries-old monuments, accompanied by a local guide.

Unique landmarks

Visit the iconic Cathedral of St. Tryphon, Maritime Museum, and St. Nicholas church.


Moments from the tours

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Discover the history of Kotor accompanied by the best tour guides!

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FAQ – Kotor Walking Tour

Is going on a Kotor Walking Tour worth it?

Going on this walking tour of Kotor is definitely worth it! With a Kotor walking tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see many important city landmarks within a short period of time. Admire the view of the famous City Walls, discover the baroque Pima Palace, and marvel at the old Clock Tower.

When can I book the Kotor Walking Tour?

Kotor Walking tour is available every day and all year round. You just need to decide on the date and time that works best for you.

Can I explore the city of Kotor on my own?

You can explore the city of Kotor by yourself, but we strongly recommend going on this guided tour. That way, you will better understand Kotor’s rich history. A guided tour of Kotor will provide you with a unique opportunity to further explore amazing sites in the city.

What is the best way to visit Kotor?

The best way to experience the city of Kotor is by booking a small group tour. With a booked guided tour, you will be accompanied by a knowledgeable local guide who will tell you all about the city’s history. Your tour guide will take you on a journey of a lifetime while discovering interesting secrets and facts about the sites you visit.

What will I see on this tour?

During this 1.5-hour walking tour, you will be able to visit the main landmarks of Kotor, including the famous Old Town. Walk across its cobblestone streets and marvel at one of the most impressive structures – the City Walls. After all the earthquakes that this area has experienced in the past, it is almost unbelievable that they are still standing there proudly. You will also have an opportunity to see the famous Sea Gate of the city and explore the iconic church of St. Luke, built in 1195.

Should I book the Kotor Walking Tour in advance?

We highly recommend booking your Kotor Walking Tour in advance. That way, you will secure your spot, and you will be able to plan the rest of your vacation in Kotor to the fullest!

An experience you don’t want to miss!

You might already know that your vacation in Montenegro won’t be complete unless you visit the charming town of Kotor. Located on the Bay of Kotor, this city attracts visitors from all around the world because of its breathtaking beauty. With all of its nature, vivid culture, and rich history, it comes as no surprise that Kotor is one of the most popular destinations in Montenegro.

This city offers plenty to see and do, and it’s not a question of whether it’s worth visiting, but how long you’ll be able to stay. The best way to explore Kotor, all the beauty of its narrow streets and historic landmarks, is by going on a private group tour!

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Why should you book a Kotor Walking Tour?

A guided walking tour of Kotor is the best way to truly explore and learn everything you want to know about this picturesque town. This tour is a great deal because you will get direct access to the Cathedral of St. Tryphon, the Maritime Museum, and the orthodox churches of St. Luke and St. Nicolas.

After meeting your tour guide, you’ll head to the Square of Arms and start with one of the best tours you’ll ever have. You can explore Kotor on your own, but going on a guided tour will give you a much better understanding of the city’s history.

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Excellent tour guides!

If you want to experience the city of Kotor in the best way possible, you should consider going on this guided tour! We had such an amazing time exploring many historic monuments accompanied by a knowledgeable tour guide. It was a pleasure talking with him, and I especially liked how he presented his city. The Bay of Kotor is so mesmerizing and definitely worth visiting!


Best value for money!

An incredible tour with an excellent tour guide! Our guide was engaging, knowledgeable, and very enthusiastic about the city's heritage. He did a fantastic job, and we truly enjoyed our time with him on the Kotor walking tour. For us, visiting the Maritime Museum was the best part of the tour!


Fantastic Walking Tour of Kotor!

The tour was amazing, and our guide was incredible! He showed us all the squares, the churches, and unique palaces in the town. All in all, this was the best tour we could have chosen because it covered everything we wanted to visit while spending our vacation in Kotor. Highly recommend booking this tour!


Your local tour guide will make sure you have the best exploring experience!

Your knowledgeable guide will give you insight into Kotor’s fascinating history. He will tell you about the history of Saint Tryphon’s Cathedral which was constructed in 1166. Enjoy its impressive Romanesque architecture as your guide explains to you about the tragic earthquakes it has endured.

Your journey will continue to the Maritime Museum, which is housed in the beautiful 18th-century palace of the Grgurina family. Aside from the extensive collection of artifacts in the museum, once you enter the palace, you’ll feel as if you’ve traveled back in time into another dimension.

Among the many other Romanesque monuments in Kotor, you will also have an opportunity to visit the famous St. Luke’s church. The locals believe that the church has miraculous traits because it has survived many obstacles, including earthquakes and wars.

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Don’t miss out on this best-selling Kotor Walking Tour!