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KOTOR – on the list of the Best European Destination in 2021!

Gospa od Skrpjela and island of St. George

25 March 2021


written by Marina Pejaković

Hey there, fellow traveller! It’s already been a year since the Earth spun so fast and changed our everyday life completely. I know, right? Who would’ve thought that travelling will require so much stress and caution when it is meant to be a joyful and peaceful experience? It seems like all of this lasts too long and who knows when it will all end. However, I bet we are all eager to start travelling again, and enjoy the beauty of foreign countries and cultures.

Have you heard that Kotor is enlisted as one of the best & safest destinations for travel in 2021? That’s right, Montenegro is calling! 🙂 I know it sounds tempting and it really is, because Montenegro has so much to offer and we can’t wait to show you. Let us be your hosts here, so we can create a new beginning for us all, because we got to relive tourism – together.

panoramic view above kotor
Kotor Bay

You see, Montenegro is a country of beautiful captivating nature, but also of rich and inspiring history that spreads like a veil from Herceg Novi and its fortresses, travelling through Boka Bay, to Perast and its splendid island Our Lady of the Rock, all the way to the walls of Kotor Old Town and across the mountains to the proud historic capital of Montenegro – Cetinje and many more.

We can all agree that the situation with the notorious Covid-19 was quite an unexpected surprise, which made us change all our plans for 2020 and made us stay in our homes, making it the safest place from where we had to figure out how to keep functioning. The most important thing was, of course, keeping ourselves and our close ones safe and healthy.

herceg novi montenegro
Herceg Novi

At first, here, in Montenegro, as in any other country, everything was new and strange. Everyone was in denial, thinking it will only last for a couple of months, but then the key word turned out to be the pandemic, and people were constantly trying to find a way to relive their business, especially in the tourism sector. The borders being closed and opened on weekly basis, with every country having their own measurements and precautions, made people scared to travel. However, it is in the human nature to adapt to the situation she/he was put in, so here we are, a year after, hoping that soon we will get back to what we do best, touring through our lovely country and creating unforgettable memories with all those willing to explore it!

The previous year made all of us in ‘Miro & Sons’ work harder, focusing on creating some new, unique experiences that we can offer to our beloved guests, as well as, developing some crucial segments that had to be improved and required some time. Our team is eagerly prepared, looking forward to start showing all the best parts Montenegro has to offer through our well-known Kotor TourHighlights of Montenegro TourAmazing Bay of Kotor Tour but also through some new ones, such as, Coastal Villages of the Bay and Classic Car Tour, which we created for the following season to bring newness and fresh start!

Classic car tour kotor
Classic Car Tour

We cannot wait for the cruise ship siren echoing through the Kotor Bay and welcoming new visitors on Montenegrin soil. It seems like yesterday, when our tour guides used to proudly take tourists around the big Kotor City Walls, enthusiastic and ready to reveal what is hidden within them, with the enchanting stories while stepping on hundreds years old paved streets, so cold during the winter, but so refreshing during hot summer days. All this and much more is waiting for you, fellow traveller, once you cross the border and come to Montenegro. The magical combination of the mountains and sea, endless landscapes on the horizon while watching the sun going down on Budva Riviera or dancing to the sounds of waves on the sort of infinite Velika plaza in Ulcinj.

What you will adore about Montenegro is the easiest switch between charming coastline with the romantic medieval cities and steep mountains with numerous lakes decorated with deep green forests. Just for an hour or so, you will be able to change from sunbathing on the most enchanting beaches of Budva and Bar while drinking a refreshing cocktail to conquering the Black lake and the mountain Durmitor while admiring the slopes of the famous river Tara.

black lake durmitor national park
Black Lake

Yes, this is an invitation, my dear traveller, to the magical adventure of discovering Montenegro, with one of the best guides in the country, impatient to give you an unforgettable experience filled with delicious food, incredible stories from the past that shouldn’t be forgotten and the nature views that are simply bliss for the eyes. Choose one of our Kotor Private Tours and experience Montenegro to the fullest! Let’s put travelling on a higher, safer level and let’s prove this dreading virus that we will, together, rise again.

budva montenegro

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