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Classic Car Tour – Unique Boka Bay Experience

Gospa od Skrpjela and island of St. George

14 April 2021


written by Marina Pejaković

Read carefully: This is not just a regular tour description – by the end of this text you might find yourself clicking on the Book Now button and you will be charmed with the yet unknown destination.

Imagine feeling goose bumps as you are going on a first date with the person you like. Imagine feeling hypnotised as you are watching your favourite act performed on the scene. Imagine feeling powerful as you are teleporting through time to the year you always wanted to live in. Imagine all of this and even more when you sit in one of our convertibles made just the way you like, describing your character perfectly and enter this adventure of Discovering Boka Bay.

Classic car tour kotor
Discovering Boka Bay

The picturesque Old Town of Kotor with its famous Riva where this adventure will start, with locals sipping their coffee and discussing current affairs in the well-known garden of Dojmi, casually glancing at the road, will have all their eyes on you, wondering what it would be like to take just one spin with it; because there is not a single soul that could resist them or resist being a part of this timeless vintage vibe, even for a little while.

When you decide whether bright red Alfa Romeo Spider with its charming Italian looks, classy but bold – a true British turquoise Triumph TR6 from 1973 or pearl white Porsche Carrera 911 known for its fast and characteristic German nature, would you want to ride on this trip, the excitement starts to rise. I bet you will find it impossible to choose between these beauties, so I’ll reveal you a little catch: you will be able to switch your convertible on each stop with fellow adventurers! Now, it will only take a couple of minutes for your guide to explain technical and safety rules and the tour can start!

Although you might feel uneasy for leaving beautiful Old Town walls behind you, know that at the end you will get the opportunity to wander through its streets, hearing stories about the palaces and churches from your guide, which will be a perfect wrap of this experience.

Classic car Tour
Car selection

Now, let’s get back to the sea breeze gently touching your skin and Sun’s deceit with creating golden layer on the calm sea, while you relax and enjoy the ride. Following your guide who will be leading you with his own car in front of you on this coastal road, among carefully preserved stone houses on one side and the sea on the other, let it take you back in time, on one casual day in Boka bay. Characteristic Mediterranean culture nurtured in the cities by the sea, no matter where you are, will give you the same warmth, joy and welcomeness.

Before making the first stop, just when you think that it cannot get any dreamier, you will, unintentionally, become part of everyday life of the locals. You will pass by grandmas calling their grandchildren to eat, local men greeting each other while strolling to the nearest market or beautiful women sunbathing, because life is supposed to be nice, and somehow, the atmosphere is always easy and carefree when you are by the sea.

In Prcanj, at the first stop, you will get the chance to admire the marvellous work of Mother Nature, making this bay resemble to some fjord in the Scandinavian countries far away. However, being guarded by the Mediterranean Sun and influenced by its warm climate, creates the impression that Boka Bay is the perfect, although unknown to many, location for spending endless summer days.

Triumph Tr
Classic Car Tour

Even though I know you will feel eager to continue the ride and discover more, let your guide reveal you some interesting stories while you admire the biggest temple in this area, whose terrace will make you fall in love with this place a bit more, so the advice is to climb those colossal stairs! Until you make it to the next stop, indulge in the picturesque environment, with patiently constructed houses laying by the road, noticing that almost every one of them has at least two chairs in front, for the ladies curious enough to see who will pass by today. Maybe some old friends that they will call for a cup of black coffee, some new lovers that revive their memories or interesting strangers that they will be glad to meet and hear about the life outside Montenegro. It is the simple life of living in the small area – there is always something interesting to see, and if not, enjoying the sea breeze and the fresh air makes it all good.

While noticing the two little islands in the middle of the sea, you will also get a glimpse of the small town called Perast guarding the islands. Now, it is time for second stop, which is also the narrowest part of the bay, called Verige, for making some beautiful photographs while your guide shortly introduces you to the island Our Lady of the Rock, the St. George Island and Perast. Hold on and be patient, you’ll get there! 🙂

It is the perfect time for soaking up the sun beams and enjoying the closeness of the sea while you take a short ferry ride across the bay in order to get to the other side of Verige Strait, where you will have some time to refresh with a glass of champagne, juice or water, in one of the most famous restaurants in the Boka Bay. Time to move on, the best is yet to come! Short curvy drive on this side of the bay and baroque village of Perast is waiting for you! How intact it lays, willing to tell the tales of its grandiosity, paved in every stone, while constantly guarding its beautiful islands that no one can stay immune to!

moment from the tour
Beautiful view you get to see on Classic Car Tour

After the welcoming atmosphere of Perast and its captivating calmness, it is time to hop on a boat and visit the famous man-made island of Our Lady of the Rock with its rich treasury, whose story will leave you breathless! I could rant all day how intriguing, with the veil of sacred, the whole place is, but I don’t
want to reveal too much, I’ll just let it charm you right there, on spot.

It is time to leave Our Lady of the Rock behind you and reminisce about everything you have experienced so far – so simply sit back and enjoy the wind in your hair in your convertible! It takes just a couple of minutes of silence and embracing the wonderful area you are in, and now you can understand why the locals feel grateful for the chance to live here, enjoying the beauty around them, cheerfully saluting every day filled with positive energy and joy, inviting others to come and join them.

The ride soon comes to an end, finishing at the same spot you started. The classic cars that have made this day unique and special, are now resting until new adventurers come to discover what you already have. Leaving them behind, follow your guide inside the walls of the Old Town of Kotor, let the excitement settle into a nice, relaxing stroll of narrow streets leading to the paved squares whose stories will round up your impression of the Boka bay – making it one of the dearest memory of Montenegro that you will carry within yourself ‘till the end of time.

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