Budva – Irresistible mix of history, luxury and nightlife

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After spending some time in the Bay of Kotor, and visiting all the precious little towns hidden in the bay, it is time to focus on another very important centre on the Montenegrin coastline, Budva. Beautiful island of Saint Stefan in Budva As all great stories about a certain place start with a legend, the legend about Budva brings two Greek characters, Cadmus and Harmonia into focus. The legend says that back in the 5th century BC, Cadmus, the founder of the city Thebes in Ancient Greece, after being exiled from his city, arrived with his wife, goddess Harmonia, right here at the Montenegrin [...]

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Voyage through the Bay of Kotor

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One of the most exquisite gifts that Mother Nature has given to Montenegro, among many beautiful hidden beaches, is the Bay of Kotor. It is the only bay on this side of Mediterranean coast that resembles a Norwegian fjord. However, do not let it confuse you. At the very entrance of the bay, it feels like you are entering into some land Far Far Away, just waiting for some nymphs or sirens to jump out of water and salute you. It definitely resembles a dreamy, remote harbor, guarded by the mountains, where the magic happens. Kotor Bay - Our Lady of the Rock and St. Dordje [...]

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My wood works

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If you are wondering what is the perfect souvenir to bring back home that will remind you of Kotor - our wooden ships are the perfect choice. They are entirely handmade, carved out of cherry tree by a man who has dedicated his entire life to perfecting this craft. Both Kotor and the Boka bay region have a centuries long maritime tradition and our ships are the replicas of the ones our captains used to sail on. Each ship tells a different story, so you can chose the one that resonates the most with you,be it a Venetian carraca or some other type of the [...]

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10 phrases you can often hear while in Montenegro

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Welcome! You have just arrived in Montenegro and you are ready to explore. You have arrived into the country of cheerful and warm people, delicious smoked ham and cheese, and irresistible wine. It is well known that people from Montenegro are hearty and although we express ourselves through hugging and kissing, we also belong to the group of talkative nations. These phrases bring you closer to the people of Montenegro and they can definitely come in handy during your visit. *the translation of the words is in English in the brackets Ćao! - ( Hi!) – The easiest way to say Hi! and the easiest way [...]

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Christmas Holidays in Kotor

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As every year, our old town of Kotor is decorated during Christmas Holidays. This is the photo of the Main Gate that we call Sea Gate since it is facing the seaside of the town. Originally, it was built in 1555 during Venetian period, so this is the 459th time that it is decorated for Christmas. We don't know exactly how these decorations looked like four hundred years ago, but we all like it this year. Hopefully, well preserved monuments and long history of Kotor combined with Christmas decorations will attract the visitors to enjoy the town together with the locals which are ready for New [...]

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The most interesting places in Montenegro – what to see

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Let us tell you a little something about a few places not to be missed while in Montenegro. Although it's a small country Montenegro has a lot of beautiful places with great history. So here's the list of the most interesting places in Montenegro: 1. Kotor Kotor is a beautiful UNESCO town, with a charming old town and a bustling harbor. You can climb almost 1500 steps to the fortress over looking the town too. The old Mediterranean port of Kotor is surrounded by fortifications built during the Venetian period. It is located on the Bay of Kotor (Boka Kotorska), one of the most indented parts [...]

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