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Classic Car Tour – Unique Boka Bay Experience

Imagine feeling goose bumps as you are going on a first date with the person you like. Imagine feeling hypnotised as you are watching your favourite act performed on the scene. Imagine feeling powerful as you are teleporting through time to the year you always wanted to live in. Imagine all of this and even more when you sit in one of our convertibles made just the way you like, describing your character perfectly and enter this adventure of Discovering Boka Bay.


Perast & Our Lady of the Rock – getaway for romantic souls

You are planning on visiting Montenegro. Maybe you will stay for a couple of days, or you are stopping by for a few hours by a cruise ship. Either way, you want to spend some quality time here, in this beautiful, yet an unfamiliar country. It seems that you are in the right place. This blog will take you to Boka Kotorska bay, to one little coastal town with a rich history and long tradition. The baroque, picturesque town we are visiting is Perast.


Voyage through the Bay of Kotor

One of the most exquisite gifts that Mother Nature has given to Montenegro, among many beautiful hidden beaches, is the Bay of Kotor. It is the only bay on this side of Mediterranean coast that resembles a Norwegian fjord. However, do not let it confuse you. At the very entrance of the bay, it feels like you are entering into some land Far Far Away, just waiting for some nymphs or sirens to jump out of water and salute you. It definitely resembles a dreamy, remote harbor, guarded by the mountains, where the magic happens.

handmade boat

My wood works

If you are wondering what is the perfect souvenir to bring back home that will remind you of Kotor – our wooden ships are the perfect choice. They are entirely handmade, carved out of cherry tree by a man who has dedicated his entire life to perfecting this craft. Both Kotor and the Boka bay region have a centuries long maritime tradition and our ships are the replicas of the ones our captains used to sail on. Each ship tells a different story, so you can chose the one that resonates the most with you,be it a Venetian carraca or some other type of the ship. But, rest assured, having one of these will make you wish to come back to our little town.

monastery of the nativity of the blessed virgin mary in cetinje

Cetinje The Old Royal Capital

Cetinje, little mountainous town, suddenly became the official capital of Montenegro and became the place where even 12 different embassies were opened. Still today, beside the former embassies, this is the place where many other impressive buildings are standing such as Cetinje monastery with its rich treasury, former Government House, Theater Zetski dom, Biljarda – the residence of Montenegrin rulers, and Palace of King Nikola, reminding every visitor about glorious history of this Balkan country!

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10 phrases you can often hear while in Montenegro

It is well known that people from Montenegro are hearty and although we express ourselves through hugging and kissing, we also belong to the group of talkative nations. These phrases bring you closer to the people of Montenegro and they can definitely come in handy during your visit.

panoramic view above kotor

Breathtaking Work for Breathtaking View

One of the greatest engineering projects in Montenegro from the end of 19th century is the road from Kotor to the village of Njegusi. That was the time, when our coastline was territory of Austro – Hungarian Monarchy and our mountains already enjoyed centuries earned independence.

st george monastery montenegro

The Story of Perast and Our Lady of the Rock

Only twenty minutes of driving from Kotor, following the coast of Kotor bay there is very picturesque baroque town called Perast. The history of Perast, as the history of entire bay is thousands of years long. But, what defined nowadays Perast is the period from 15th to 18th century. This was the time when the Bay of Kotor was shared between the Ottoman Empire and Venetian republic.