Breathtaking Work for Breathtaking View

Breathtaking Work for Breathtaking View

17 May 2016

written by Miro & Sons
One of the greatest engineering projects in Montenegro from the end of 19th century is the road from Kotor to the village of Njegusi. That was the time, when our coastline was territory of Austro – Hungarian Monarchy and our mountains already enjoyed centuries earned independence. This connection between coast and mountains was extremely important for both sides so they decided to find the most talented engineer who could complete this challenging job. Josip Slade was already well known around as someone skilled in working with inaccessible limestone terrains, so the decision was made. It took five years of carving the steep slopes of Lovcen Mountain before the road was completed in 1884. This was astonishing work we still respect today, passing his 25 switchbacks while doing Day trips from Kotor. From each curve the view gets better and as a reward for taking this ride, we never miss a chance to stop and admire the road as the work of man and Bay of Kotor as the work of nature!
A winding asphalt road leads to the top of the mountain.
Road to Njegusi Village
The road is just the beginning of learning about Montenegro and its rich history on our Kotor – Njegusi – Cetinje – Budva tour we decided to name with a reason, „Highlights of Montenegro”.

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