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Should you book a day trip from Kotor?

Day trips from Kotor are available every day. All you need to do is choose the full-day tour that is best suited for you. By going on a guided day trip from Kotor, you will have an opportunity to explore all the famous sites of Montenegro in the best way! Also, we strongly recommend booking your Kotor day trip in advance. By doing so, you will secure your spot and you will have much more time to schedule the rest of your trip in Montenegro.

Discover the charms of Montenegro accompanied by the best tour guides!

Going on one of our day trips from Kotor will allow you to explore the most popular sights of Montenegro while being accompanied by some of the best guides in our country! We are sure you will find your best option among all these guided tours, no matter what your interests are!

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Montenegro Tours Prices and Overview

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€150 /per person

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rijeka crnojevica Recommended
If you would like to experience the soul of Montenegro in just one day, this 8,5-hour tour is the perfect choice for you! Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of steep mountains and the flourishing nature of the peaceful Skadar lake while you taste local delicacies on a relaxing boat ride. We are sure this unique experience of history, nature, and culture will give you the perfect impression of our lovely country!
highlights of montenegro Recommended
If you have more than a couple of hours to spare while visiting Montenegro, we have the perfect full-day tour for you! This tour will give you a complete impression of Montenegro because it includes both the coast and mountains! After enjoying outstanding views of the Bay of Kotor while taking the old serpentine road, we will visit the village Njegusi and try some of the local delicacies. Learn all about Montenegrin’s history in Cetinje and explore the narrow streets of the coastal towns of Budva and Kotor!
coastal charms Recommended
This tour gives you an opportunity to see the most popular sites of Boka Kotorska Bay – Budva, Kotor, and Perast. On the walking tour of Budva, you will learn about its rich history and discover attractive sandy beaches. In Kotor, we will explore one of the best-preserved medieval towns on the entire East Adriatic coastline! When we arrive in Perast, you will be able to see the iconic Our Lady of The Rock Island, which is the most beautiful spot in entire Montenegro!
Let us show you the scenic Bay of Kotor in a unique, exciting way! All you need to do is prepare to have an amazing time in our red Alfa Romeo Spider, turquoise Triumph Tr6, or white pearly Porsche 911 Carrera, driving behind our professional guide who will be leading you on this adventure! Besides the irresistible classic car experience, you will also be able to visit Perast and Our Lady of the Rock artificial island. Let us take you on a memorable ride, which will drive its way to your heart, making your moments in Montenegro unforgettable!
If you want to explore Montenegro in the best way possible, this tour is a perfect option for you! You will have an opportunity to discover beautiful sandy beaches, amazing heritage sites, and many picturesque villages while you learn all about the Montenegrin history accompanied by the best tour guides! Your five days in Montenegro will give you a comprehensive view of the country, and we are sure you will take home many great memories.

Why Should You Book Your Montenegro Day Trip With Miro & Sons

  • TOURS AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES (English, German, Italian, and French – depending on the tour)
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Take a guided day trip to see all the nearby cities around Kotor!

If you want to see all the iconic places of Boka Bay, a guided day trip is the best option! It will give you a better insight into the history and culture of Montenegro.

Everything you need to know before going on Montenegro Tours 

Plan your trip ahead!

It is highly recommended to plan and schedule your trip to Montenegro in advance. There are numerous attractions to see and activities to do while in Montenegro. So if you want to get the most out of your visit, we suggest you plan your visit at least one or two weeks before.

Book your Montenegro Tours in advance

Book a guided tour to have the best experience and see all of the top attractions in and around Kotor. Our knowledgeable tour guides will provide you with all the information you need to know about the places you visit.

All Montenegro tours are private

Our tours are organized in private groups, allowing you to have the best possible experience.

Discover Kotor and its surrounding area to the fullest!

Find out what are the best things to do in Kotor before visiting it.

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FAQ - Best Montenegro Tours

Is going on a Montenegro day trip worth it?

Going on one of our Montenegro day trips will definitely be worth your money and time. Every day trip is private, allowing you to have the best experience. As you enjoy a scenic drive to your destination, your local tour guide will tell you many interesting stories about the places you pass through.

How much are day trips from Kotor?

Day trips from Kotor vary in price depending on the option you choose and the experience you want to have during your vacation in Montenegro. Day trips start at 60 euros per person and go up from there.

What are the best Montenegro day trips?

Regardless of which day trip from Kotor you choose, you will have an amazing time exploring the mesmerizing coastal towns of Montenegro, their culture, and their fascinating history. If you want a more extended experience, we recommend choosing a Five Days Montenegro Tour.

What is included in the Montenegro tours?

All Montenegro tours are private and include expert tour guides, hotel or pier pickups, and instant confirmation. There are many available Montenegro tours, so take a look and simply choose the one that works best for you. You won’t make a mistake no matter what option you choose!

How many days in Kotor is enough?

Four to five days is more than enough time to explore Kotor and enjoy your stay to the fullest. During this time, you will be able to go on many day trips and discover the surrounding areas of Kotor that are definitely worth visiting.

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Want to explore more of Montenegro?

Discover more of Montenegro and visit all of the popular attractions by going on guided Kotor Tours or Boat Tours. Explore the iconic Old Town of Kotor, take a boat trip to the Our Lady of Rock Island, or enjoy visiting the towns of Boka Kotorska Bay accompanied by professional tour guides. They will ensure that you get a complete insight into the history of the places you visit. 

If you are visiting Montenegro in the summertime, we have the perfect tour for you! Our boat tour in the Bay of Kotor will be an excellent choice for warm summer days! During this 4 hour tour, you will experience the Bay of Kotor in quite a relaxing and refreshing way. You will also learn about its history and visit the most beautiful and interesting places, such as the man made island of Our Lady of The Rock, the baroque village of Perast, and of course, the Old Town of Kotor!
blue cave and bay of kotor boat tour Recommended
On this amazing boat tour, you will have a chance to visit Our Lady of the Rock Island and the famous Blue Cave. While being there, you will be able to swim and spend some time relaxing on the beach. During our ride, we will come across very interesting war tunnels and we will peek inside them to discover the less known history of this Adriatic pearl!