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Why going on our Kotor Tours is a must-do?

Our guided tours will allow you to have a memorable experience of Kotor and its surrounding areas. You will be able to learn all about the city’s rich history and unique culture accompanied by the best tour guides in the region. There are many Kotor tours available, so you will definitely find the one that best suits your needs and wishes. We also highly advise you to book your desired tour in advance. That way, not only will you save your time, but you will also be able to plan the rest of your trip to Montenegro more efficiently.

An unforgettable experience awaits you in Kotor!

If escaping the crowd and spending some time in nature seems like your perfect kind of vacation, our Kotor Tours are the best option for you! Walking through national parks, enjoying the fresh air, breathtaking views, and untouched nature will relax your body and soul. Our tours will show you the way of life in our country. Allow yourself the special experience of tasting Montenegrin olive oil and drinking a glass of wine surrounded by the locals. Enjoy the magical scenery, and remember to take some photos to truly capture these moments. Whatever Kotor tour you choose, one thing is certain, you will have an amazing time!

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The Best Kotor Guided Tours!

Have a look at our Kotor Tours and choose one that works best for you! Among these various unique and fun tours, you are guaranteed to find the one that will be just perfect for you. Would you like to spend the entire day exploring the Bay of Kotor, have a thrilling drive across the town, or see the famous Lady of the Rock Island? Regardless of what option you choose, be sure you won’t make a mistake!

Explore the Old Town of the Kotor on a 1.5-hour guided tour! After a short introduction, we will peek inside the city walls while enjoying the beauty of the narrow streets that will lead us to different squares. Accompanied by one of our professional and knowledgeable guides, you will learn fascinating stories about well-known Boka bay families. Kotor Walking Tour will provide you with an opportunity to imagine life in the golden age of Kotor while admiring the well-preserved old family homes of the local aristocracy.
kotor walking tour food wine tasting Recommended
On this 2-hour walking tour, you will be able to learn everything about Kotor’s amazing and impressive culture and history. After finishing a guided walking tour through Kotor Old Town, you will have an opportunity to taste famous smoked ham, cheese, and have a glass of traditional wine. While you enjoy local specialties, your tour guide will be at your disposal for any questions.
This tour will provide you with an opportunity to explore the most popular towns on the Montenegrin coastline - Kotor and Budva. Enjoy exploring these two towns while strolling through their charming streets. Discovering the Old Town of Kotor, guarded by the mountains of the Kotor Bay, will be the opposite of the vastness of the sea and the beautiful horizon that you will admire in Budva Old Town, where you will have time to enjoy its beaches and typical Adriatic charm!
This classic 4-hour tour allows you to see the most attractive sites of Kotor Bay! Discover the little baroque town of Perast, the man made island of Our Lady of the Rock, and UNSECO’s enlisted Kotor Old Town! Learn all about Perast’s rich history and discover fascinating stories that Our Lady of the Rock keeps telling through decades. Finish your tour by taking an irresistible walk through the narrow streets of Kotor Old Town.
For those that would like to enjoy its pine forests, and old caravan’s roads and at the same time take amazing photos of the Bay of Kotor this is the perfect tour! If you are more adventurous and enjoy having sort of an active tour while on your vacation, Jeep Safari will certainly amaze you! The mix of mountains and seashore will give you the perfect picture of how Montenegro is truly a diverse country!
Let us take you on a memorable yet different 4-hour tour, where you will experience Montenegro while being hosted by family Moric, one of the few families in the region that is still using 150 years old mill to produce the high-quality olive oil! They happily open their garden and their home, in order to give their guests a glimpse of a local way of a living and long tradition that remains even today.

Why Should You Book Kotor Tour With Miro & Sons

  • TOURS ARE AVAILABLE IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES (English, German, Italian, and French – depending on the tour)
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The best way to see all the top sights of Kotor is by going on our guided tour!

Book your Kotor Tour right away and make the most out of your visit to Montenegro.

FAQ - Best Kotor Tours

How long does the Kotor tour take?

The duration of your Kotor tour will depend on which type of tour you decide to book. There are countless tours available. You can book a half-day or full-day tour, or you can even choose to go on a thrilling Kotor boat tour. If you decide to stay in Montenegro for a couple of days, we highly recommend going on one of our day trips.

When can I book a Kotor Tour?

Kotor Tours are available every day of the year. You just need to choose the desired tour and select the date of your visit. We recommend you book Kotor guided tours in advance and online. By doing so, you’ll save money and time. Plus, you will have much more time to actually research and pick the best available tour option for you.

Can You visit Kotor on your own?

You can explore the town of Kotor on your own. But, the best way to experience all of its charms and discover everything the city has to offer is by going on our guided tour. That way, you will be able to further explore areas in and around the city of Kotor accompanied by the best local guides.

What is the best time of the year to visit Kotor?

Kotor tends to get really busy during the summer. So if you want to have a more relaxing vacation, the best time to visit Kotor is during the off-season, from April to May, or from September to October.

What else can I do while staying in Kotor?

Kotor offers a variety of attractions, panoramic views, and iconic monuments for visitors to enjoy. With the help of local expert guides, you’ll be able to uncover many beauties around the Kotor, such as Skadar Lake, Perast, and Lustica Peninsula.

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Want to experience more of Montenegro?

Take a look at our best value tours of Montenegro!

highlights of montenegro Recommended
If you have more than a couple of hours to spare while visiting Montenegro, we have the perfect full-day tour for you! This tour will give you a complete impression of Montenegro because it includes both the coast and mountains! After enjoying outstanding views of the Bay of Kotor while taking the old serpentine road, we will visit the village Njegusi and try some of the local delicacies. Learn all about Montenegrin’s history in Cetinje and explore the narrow streets of the coastal towns of Budva and Kotor!
blue cave and bay of kotor boat tour Recommended
On this amazing boat tour, you will have a chance to visit Our Lady of the Rock Island and the famous Blue Cave. While being there, you will be able to swim and spend some time relaxing on the beach. During our ride, we will come across very interesting war tunnels and we will peek inside them to discover the less known history of this Adriatic pearl!